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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Kejam ke, tak kejam ke , ISA ni korang nilai lah sendiri dari cerita cerita dibawah ni…….

Mohidin bin Shari, detained since December 2002, wrote that even though he cooperated with the UKP, he was beaten:
My block was opened . . . and we were ordered to exit one by one for body searches. I was the first person to exit. . . . At that time I was inspected by as many as five UKP officers . . . one of the UKP officer snarled at me and said, "Don't fight. Follow my orders." I was shocked because I wasn't putting up a fight at all. My hands were then handcuffed as the UKP officer searched my entire body, groped me, and used a metal detector. After searching my body, two UKP officers whose faces I could not see because my head was bowed and I was handcuffed. . . . . They pressed my neck until I felt pain. I said, "Please don't press against my neck because it is painful," but the UKP officers ignored my words.
Throughout the trip towards [another cell block], the UKP that were standing along the path beat me with batons on my head and back. Some also kicked my private parts and punched my head. After reaching the [cell block], they searched my body again. A UKP officer spat in my face. After that, an officer grabbed my hair and said, "What's with this face of yours?" [54]

Abdul Rashid bin Anwarul, detained since January 2002, described how he was treated:
They conducted a body search on me by opening my trousers and inspecting my entire body. Afterwards, they handcuffed my hands and I was ordered to bend down. . . . I could not see in front of me as a result of the pressure they put on my neck and my head was hit hard every time I tried to look in front. . . . My back was hit hard . . . causing me to shout in pain. My buttocks were kicked three times nearly kicking my penis. My head and neck was hit and punched numerous times. My right shoulder was hit with a baton causing swelling in that area. My waist was punched which caused it to swell. I was verbally abused during the journey. My right leg was kicked in the shin. [55]

Ahmed Yani Ismail, detained since December 2001, was kicked, punched, and slapped. He wrote:
Several guards . . . kicked my buttocks eight times, kicked my stomach once, hit the back of my head several times, kicked my back four times, kicked my left thigh once and the area above my knee once. The warden . . . slapped my face in the eye area at least three times. . . . I experienced shortness of breath, nausea for four days, pain in my chest, bruising and pain throughout my body. . . . My mouth bled. [56]
Yazid Sufaat, detained since December 2001, was hit and spat on. He wrote:
One after the other we were handcuffed, hit with batons, spat on, punched, kicked, and trampled on while brought into the prayer hall. I was able to see this because I was the last person who was brought out. . . . I was handcuffed in the back, they spat on me, stepped on my toes, hit my head, and punched my ribs. I was hauled roughly to the prayer hall by one of the prison guards. [57]

Zainun Rasyhid, detained since December 2002, wrote:
I was handcuffed and one of them strongly pinched the nape of my neck from behind until it hurt. . . . I was spat on, hit, and punched in my head time and time again. My legs were kicked from behind. . . . While I was at the back of [a cell block], I was searched again and they pulled at my pants until my pants fell to the ground and I was exposed. In this state they forced me to enter [a cell] by kicking me . . . I was ordered to sit cross-legged with my head close to the wall. . . . Not long after two to three guards came and spat on my head, hit my hand, and kicked my back. [58]

Abdullah bin Mohamed Nor, detained since December 2002, wrote, "My legs were kicked and stepped on while the search was made . . . my back was kicked. . . . The UKP beat my head and body repeatedly with batons and ordered me not to look around . . . I was ordered to sit facing the wall. They pushed my head and it hit the wall. . . . We were treated like animals." [59]

Mat Sah bin Mohamad Satray, detained since April 2002, described his experience:
I was flung hard on the cement floor and they pressed their knees on the back of my neck until I felt immense pain, and until my left check was pressed against the dirty cement floor. I was then pulled back up and pushed roughly into the prayer hall while handcuffed. . . . My right ribs were flung hard on the floor until I felt short of breath and my cheek was on the floor. After that I was ordered to rise and the handcuffs were moved from the back to the front. I was ordered to sit cross-legged facing the wall and my head was hit against the wall. [60]

Some ISA detainees in Kamunting reported being humiliated. "I was forced to strip naked and ordered to crawl while returning to my cell," wrote Mohamad Faiq Hafidh, who has been detained since January 2002.[61] Yazid Sufaat says he was ordered to strip naked in front of guards and saw others similarly mistreated. He wrote, "Because I was one of the first people brought to T1, I could witness how some of my friends were beaten up . . . Abdul Nassir bin Anwarul was stripped naked and ordered to crawl and then was kicked in the buttocks."[62]

Abdul Murad bin Sudin, detained since October 2002, wrote,
I was roughly searched . . . by the wardens who hit and kicked me and finally I was stripped naked. While being stripped naked, I repeatedly begged that my underwear not be removed. After stripping and inspecting me, they ordered me inside the jail cell by crawling; while crawling in a nude state inside the cell, they then kicked me from behind until I fell, sprawled and the gate of the cell was locked. [63]

Korang bolih lah jenguk di  link ini, untuk mendapatkan cerita selanjut nya, Human Rights Watch


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