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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video Seks Aibkan Anuar Ada Petunjuk Baru

Kah kah kah ……………………AG hantar balik laporan minta polis kemah kemingkan siasatan.

Ada kemungkinan sudah ada Versi 1 pada 1999 ?, [baca sini].


Tolong terjemahkan ayat2 di bawah ini:

In his letter, Mat Zain also cast doubt over Rahim’s credibility as the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) had recommended he be charged for making a false statutory declaration in 1999.

1. Is Sex Video I also authentic now that Sex Video II has been officially declared authentic?

2. Are the contents of Sex Video I the same in full or in part with Sex Video II?

3. Is the identity of the man in Sex Video II that police have declared can be determined positively the same as the man in Sex Video I?

4. Does the voice of the man in Sex Video I belong to the man who is said to be identifiable in Sex Video II?

5. Does the voice of the woman in Sex Video I belong to the woman who is said to have been identified in Sex Video II?

6. Is the recording location of Sex Video I the same as Sex Video II?

7. Are the trio involved or played any role in the production or distribution of Sex Video I in 1999, seeing as they have been identified as having a relationship with Anwar? More so Rahim who is believed to have cause for revenge as Anwar had accused the former Umno Youth chief of corruption just three months before Sex Video I was made public on November 24 and 25, 1999.

Masa akan menentukan segala nya.


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